cooking classes

private classes

My private classes are tailored to your needs. What would you like to learn? From going to the market and choosing the best produce to  learning particular techniques or cooking specific dishes — you tell me. I can help you understand  how to work with each ingredient to bring out its unique flavor, how to best hold the knife for efficient chopping or how to pair ingredients to perfection. 

During our initial consultation we will draw a personalized plan for your class. Get in touch! 

Independant Workshops

These are pop-up collaborations:

  • A shorter masterclass lasts 3 hours and includes hands-on experience and sharing the food at the end of the class.
  • A longer class lasts 6 hours. It includes demos and more intensive hands-on work with two shared meals included (lunch break & final meal).

The  content of the workshop is your choice – I can teach anything from plant-based meats to decadent vegan pastries. 


I collaborate with various cookery schools designing courses and teaching plant-based cuisine, including   classes like “Healthy Vegan Baking”,  “Advanced Vegan and Vegetarian Diploma”, “Gourmet Vegan Parties” and others. During these classes I share my 10 years of experience working with the most prestigious plant-based restaurants in the UK and running my own catering company to teach how to make incredible plant-based food. I happily welcome new collaborations.


“We first met Anton on a gourmet vegan cookery course at Made in Hackney and were utterly bowled over by his exuberance, enthusiasm and the sheer imagination and flavour in his cooking. He then catered our 40th/43rd birthday weekend away and stunned a large table with every dish from the locally ‘caught’ seaweed onwards. We’ve since been following him around his places of work with mouths watering at the prospect of tasting whatever his latest foraging expedition combined with his understanding of texture and flavour brings. Everyone should taste Anton’s food once, then twice, then they’ll be dreaming of it forever more.”
Russel Harrop


“I had the immense fortune to experience Anton’s delicious food for five days earlier this year. It open my eyes to the variety and supreme quality of gourmet vegan cooking. Anton is also an amazing human, who injects a passion and expertise for ingredients and method that is educational and inspiring. If you have the opportunity to experience his cuisine, grab it!”
Damien Routley


“I attended Anton Petrov’s Gourmet vegan cooking class at Made In Hackney. Anton created a menu to showcase autumnal British produce and the dishes were a delight. Anton is a highly engaging, passionate and informative chef. His class was very enjoyable, well thought out and covered a lot during the 5 hours. The dishes were delicious and I can’t wait to try them again at home.”
Catherine Wallace


“Anton’s passion for food is infectious. I gained a lot of knowledge from his vast repertoire of skills and techniques. It was an absolute joy being taught by him and I won’t forget the flavours of his signature smoked tomato risotto dish. It was utterly delicious!”
Yumiko Stella-Scintu