During these foraging expeditions you will learn how to bring out your inner forager and delve into the land with a strong sense of intuition. I encourage you to adopt foraging as a way of life and to connect to nature more deeply. You’ll come out of the walk having gained not only plant recognition knowledge, but also the tools to understand how to forage year after year and use it as a deeply relaxing and meditative practice you can carry throughout life. 

We will explore incredible British landscapes, learning how to identify various habitats. I will help you understand how the changes in seasons and weather affect the growth and texture of the produce, and when it is best to harvest.

We’ll look at edible and medicinal plants including berries, nuts, blossoms, mushrooms, seaweeds. I’ll teach you how to identify the correct plants and how to watch out for impostors and poisonous species, and generally how to develop a confident approach to foraging your landscape. 

I place a strong importance on sustainable foraging and I’ll show you what that means, from understanding where to find the most abundant spots to harvesting in the right way so produce can grow back year after year. I can also teach propagation techniques. 

As a chef, I’ll also explain how to cook the different parts of the plants we identify as well as their gastronomic value and and how they are utilized in restaurants. I’ll tell you about flavor profiles, delicious pairings and potentials dishes to be made. Foraging is also about celebration and we’ll share a meal based on the ingredients we identified. 

Walks typically last 3 hours and cover around 20 different wild plants. 

I offer programmed walks as well as bespoke, private expeditions (and foraging sleepovers). Great for families, work teams, chefs, and any nature-loving individual. 

Contact me for more information or see program of events.

Past Events

Foraging Course / 2nd June, Saturday. Leigh on Sea. 10:30am.

This seaside location is incredibly scenic and bountiful in coastal wild foods. From wild greens to sea vegetables, the flavors and freshness of the produce that can be found here is simply amazing. We will explore what the marshes and walks have to offer and discuss the many ways they can be prepared, in pickles, soups, pesto and as greens. A light lunch will be provided where you will taste some of the produce we identified on the walk.

Meeting Point: Leigh on Sea Train Station – Southend-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 2ET

Bring: Raingear, walking shoes, water bottle. Pen & paper

There are a maximum of 14 places on each walk.